About Us

Sue started her business and became a member of Pet Sitters International in December of 2005. She is Bonded and Insured and is a PSI Certified Professional Pet Sitter. She has a clean criminal background and is trained in pet first aid.


Sue has been an animal lover her whole life. She used to go on long walks with Snoopy, the family dog. They think he was a mix between a German shepherd and a collie.

Sue’s family had a barn where people boarded their horses. She learned to ride and care for the horses.

Mew MewShe got Mew mew as a 6 month old kitten in 1996 while living in her first apartment. Mew mew looked like a Maine Coon and was a polydactyl (double pawed/ thumb cat) They were together for 18 years, until 2014.

Mew Mew

BubbaBubba was a big black and white puff ball adopted from the Mansfield Animal Shelter when he was 4 years old in 2004. He died in 2017.


She currently owns two cats:

Mariposa is a tortoiseshell adopted from the Medfield Animal Shelter in 2014.

Titania is a long-haired black cat adopted from APCSM in 2017.




Sue’s favorite thing to do on a nice day is walk a dog. She lives in a “no dogs allowed” condo, so doesn’t have a dog. She considers herself very lucky that people will pay for the privilege of walking theirs.

She loves getting to meet many different pets. Some take a while to warm up to her, and some treat her like their new best friend. It is so gratifying when a shy cat hops onto her lap and starts purring.